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Work Smarter – Not Harder with Facebook Scheduler Tool

australia-day-foodWhat an amazing week this has turned out to be, after what can only be described as a weekend to remember for a long time!

January 26th is Australia Day, for Aussie’s this is the one weekend that we eat chiko rolls, vegemite, lamingtons and meat pies!  (strange names I know!)

This Australia Day started out a little different than most …. it was raining.  Now rain is not uncommon in Australia,  right now its the rainy season but usually this one weekend is usually fine !


After a few hours enjoying the celebrations, I decide to head home!  One quick check of the weather channel, told me we were in trouble …. a cyclone was heading our way.

Besides the strong wind and heavy rain we lost power and worst yet … no internet access !!!.  Luckily for me, my home survived the battering but many homes didn’t.

So what has this to do with “Work Smarter – Not Harder” … in a situation like this, when you don’t know if you’ll be able to access the internet, then I suggest you take a look at the built in feature called “Scheduler” by Facebook.

This easy to use feature allows you to schedule your posts in advance.  After we lost our first round of power, I sat down and created some images, wrote some posts and used Scheduler to do the work for me.

scheduler_for_facebookStep 1  – create your Status Post, add images and/or videos.

Step 2 – Click on the Clock at the bottom left hand side of your status update.

Step 3 – The year selector will pop up, choose the year, month, day, time … right down to the minute.

Step 4 – When you are finished – Click Post.

That’s it !

I can hear you saying … wait a second what if I make a mistake.   That’s easy, simply go to your Admin Panel – click on Edit Page and Use Activity Log.  All scheduled posts are listed in here and you can delete a post or change the date.

Ok so now we have Facebook covered, what if you want to post to other social media sites.  There is a solution for that too http://bufferapp.com/ .  One feature I really like is that you can manage it from your mobile phone.

Doesn’t matter if you are dealing with a major crisis or taking a holiday, by spending 15 minutes and using the Scheduler feature, you can have your posts ready to go and your Likers kept up to date with your business.

Let me know in the comments below what tools you like to use for your business.