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Why running a Facebook Contest on your Wall is bad for your Health!

We’ve all seen it, hundreds of people get excited over a contest that is run on a wall.

Facebook Wall Contest

Check out this one – 247 people shared this Contest and lots more commented.


Fans click Like and are happy to post a theme word,  the majority do whatever you ask – which includes sharing it on their personal profile for an opportunity to win.

Facebook Contest

My question to you, is this type of Contest really doing you any favors?

1.  By running a contest on your wall you run the risk of having your page shutdown.  Risk factor HUGE!

2.  People don’t have to think about this type of Wall Contest, so its easy for them to participate in anything and everything and if they win – Awesome – if they don’t, there was no commitment on their behalf, they just move onto the next one shared by their friends. contest-blowin

3.  The type of people who participate in a Wall Contest, blow in and then blow out.  They stay for the length of your Contest but are never committed to your Page.  Sorry, but the sad truth is they rarely become a customer, let alone a loyal fan!

4.  You may attract new Likers to your page, which gives your PTAT (People Talking About That) a boost at the time of your contest, however if you monitor your Page Insights, you’ll see this drops off dramatically after you Facebook Wall Contest is over – leaving it like a deserted dinner table at the end of a party.

5.  Running a Contest requires a financial commitment (show me the money)!   You invest time (in setting it up and promoting it) and money in the prize that you are giving away.  At the end of your Wall Contest, there is nothing to show for it, except maybe someone who contacted you to claim their prize 🙁  money

6.  What if someone gets upset!  Surprise Surprise, people are happy to enter a Wall Contest (most of them knowing full well that its against the Promotional Guidelines running a Wall Contest) and when a problem arises … guess what !!! They scream and shout that this Contest was against the Guidelines and they are going to report you.

And yes you guessed it – you now have a social media nightmare on your hands.

I recently saw this unfold before my very eyes – the Business was told by not only myself, but many others that their contest was against the Guidelines. They continued to run it as they felt they were not doing anything wrong.

When the person who thought they were going to win – didn’t – all hell broke loose.

Needless to say this Business, unpublished their page for a month or so until the excitement died down.


Lessons learned along the way – by using a Facebook Contest App, you not only meet the Promotional Guidelines but you won’t have all the stress and drama of having to deal with unhappy Likers.

Your health won’t suffer due to stress dealing with abusive Likers who missed out on a prize as someone reported their entry as spam.  Or worse yet when they retaliate and decide to tell everyone and anyone “what you did wrong” and why they shouldn’t do business with you!

By simply using a Facebook Contest App, at the end of your Contest – all you need to do is click the button and the app does all the work for you, such as drawing out the names of your Winners.  YOU ….. then get a list of people who are truly interested in your business and you now have the opportunity market out to them.

Facebook’s Promotional Guidelines are there to assist and support your business – follow them, use a Facebook Compliant Contest App and you’ll soon see the benefits of why Facebook have created these Guidelines for us to follow !