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Why Run A Facebook Competition For your Business?

There are many reasons for running a Facebook Competition on your Facebook Page;

  • To reward your existing database of customers.
  • To attract new visitors to your Facebook Page.
  • To promote a special offer, sponsor a product you are offering.
  • To create social proof on your Facebook Page.
  • To build a mailing list!!

Competitions generate traffic to either your website or your Facebook Page.  Traffic is an essential part of being online – no traffic – no business !

Use a Facebook Competition as an incentive to reward your existing customers or use a Facebook Competition as a way to bring in new customers to your business.  By running a competition, it means more traffic and long term – more business!

One of the most important points to remember is – every person who enters your competition is a potential customer.  When the competition is over drop them a message thanking them for entering and letting them know more about your products or services.