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What’s with Google+

Google+ has started to gain a huge following, will you be left behind?

google+logoIt was only months ago, people didn’t have any idea of the benefits of Google+ to their business.   After kicking and screaming about not wanting to focus on another platform, I am starting to see the light!

Several of my  friends are using it every single day in their business and are just over the moon about the success it has brought to their business.  Next week I’ll be sharing with you more about Google+ as I’m attending a course with a lady (Emma Munro) who uses it as her number 1 tool in her business.

Like all platform there are tricks of the trade “so to speak”, today Jo Barnes shared a great article about Google+ SEO benefits.  In her article “Does Google” Really Help Your SEO Efforts”? … she shares 7 tips ;


1.  Posting in G+ will give you link juice;
2.  If someone hits the share button and doesn’t mention you, you won’t get the benefit;
3. Vanity URL’S won’t benefit you;
4.  Links to external URL’s within the body of your post won’t benefit you … but (there is a way) …..

Do yourself a favor and read the entire article and start using G+ and circling people and sharing great content. 

Here is my Google+ profile – circle me and let’s start connecting.

Oh and keep your eyes posted next week when I interview Emma and share how Google+ is making a huge impact on her business.

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