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What Not To Do With your Next Facebook Contest!

It’s chokingoncoffeenot often that I choke on my coffee, but today was a little different!  Whilst I was enjoying my morning coffee, I  landed on this contest, and started to giggle (not a good idea with a mouthful of coffee) as I don’t read Latin!

My eye was taken by a Facebook Ad to win a Mini Ipad (who doesn’t want to win one of these)  …. after clicking I landed on the “Share & Win”! 

Normally you insert your name and email (to be compliant with Facebook’s Guidelines) and your entered, BUT … the “Here’s How you Win It” was all in Latin and there was no entry form.



To be polite, I thought I would contact the Page Owner and let them know that their contest had a few little things missing, unfortunately there was no details of the business owner or how to contact them.  

Hot Tip:  When setting up a Contest, test, test and test again, before you spend money on Facebook Ads.  Always check to see if the form is working and  that you have setup all areas of your Contest.  This one tip will save you from wasting your hard earned cash on driving traffic to your page and missing the opportunity of collecting their details.

To setup a compliant Facebook Contest, you need to:

(1) Use a Contest App (this will collect the names & emails of your entrants);

(2) Include Disclaimers;

(3) Include a Privacy Policy; and

(4) Display the Rules of your Contest .

Watch this video to learn how you can avoid wasting money on your next Facebook Contest.

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