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What happens when I invite friends to my Page?

I encourage everyone to use the built in features that Facebook offers to Invite your family, friends and associates to come and like your Page. 

Go to the Admin Panel of your Facebook Page and on the right hand side you will see this feature.  

Click on Invite and away you go.  I generally invite about 25 – 40 friends a day … over a period of time.  Using this feature you will quickly watch your Page grow and your friends start to comment and engage on your Page.



After clicking ‘Invite’ a Notification is sent out to the people that you invite and if they check their Notifications they’ll get a little message saying “Peter Pan” has invited you to like their new Page.


If your like me, and don’t always LIKE these Pages, you’ll build up of list of outstanding Invites.  In this video I show you where to find these invites and how to see what and who is sending you notifications.

Tip:  If you aren’t using this feature, start using it now ….. but don’t spam people with loads of invites to different pages or they will start ignoring you!