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What are your Privacy Settings?

I had the privilege this year to speak at some 13 local events on Social Media for Business.  One of the biggest concerns for people when using social media was their Privacy Settings. Many had absolutely no clue how to set them up correctly.

Like everything to do with computers,  if you set it up correctly then you can keep your information hidden from people who you don’t wish to see your Content.  It is always a good idea to log out of your Facebook Personal Profile or pop onto a public computer and search for yourself to see what others can see.  I recommend doing this regularly as Facebook does change their settings from time to time.

To get to your Privacy Settings simply click on the blue Menu Bar at the top of the screen and click on the drop down arrow next to home – then choose Privacy Settings.


Grandma Mary who I just adore, AKA Andrea Vahl wrote a great article  about “How to Take Control of Your Facebook Privacy.  Btw Andrea is a co-author of Facebook Marketing for Dummies.

In this article Andrea shares how to lock down your Privacy settings – no point in me reinventing the wheel!  Follow along with Grandma Mary and lock down your settings today!




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