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Join Donna for Private Coaching & Learn How to Create FACEBOOK Contests for your Business that Work!

As a VIP Customer, our goal is to focus on YOUR BUSINESS and YOUR CONTEST.

We believe, if you want something to really work for you, you have to take the total immersion approach.   Our VIP Coaching Package is designed to answer all your questions about Contests, what works and what doesn’t and give you the tools to succeed.

In our Coaching Call, we’ll map out your first Contest, discuss Contest Rules (one of the hardest things to get right). What you should be including in your Rules to ensure your business is covered and tricks we have learnt along the way. 

After we have mapped out your Contest, we’ll review which Contest App will work for your Contest.  Then we’ll discuss a promotion that will give you the most bang for your buck!

The VIP Coaching session is two hours of ‘One on One’ training with Donna and can be conducted either by Skype or GotoWebinar.   72 hours notice is required to enable us to work with your time schedule.

At the end of the two hour session – you’ll be given access to our online Premium Contest Course that will take you by the hand and share the In’s and Out’s of Facebook Contests so you become the Expert!

What’s included:

12 months exclusive access to our 2 Premium Contest Apps – (1) Instant Win and (2) Sweepstakes app.  These apps can be used on any Facebook Page that you admin.

  • Module 1 – Contests 101
  • Module 2 – Contest Ideas
  • Module 3 – Understanding FB’s Promotional Guidelines
  • Module 4 – Contest Rules & Privacy Policy
  • Module 5 – Preparing your Contest
  • Module 6 – Managing your Contest
  • Module 7 – Creating Buzz
  • Module 8 – What to do when Your Contest is Over !

Watch, learn and implement to get the
maximum results for your Contests.

Plus as a VIP Customer we want you to succeed with your Contest, as part of this Package we are also including a BONUS 2 months VIP Priority email support.



After payment you’ll be returned to this Page, please complete the form below to start your VIP Coaching Session.

VIP Customer Coaching

  • Allow at least 4 days notice to book coaching session.