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Using the Tagging Feature to get your Facebook Contest Seen !

It’s now time to get your Facebook Contest seen !

One way to get your Contest seen is to create a post about your Facebook Contest and incorporate the tagging feature.   Please be careful with doing this, I suggest you only tag people/pages that YOU  have created a relationship with.

Prior to launching your Facebook Contest get to know other businesses that compliment what you do.  Contact them and let them know you are launching a contest in the near future and that you would love it if they would do a shout out for you  … better still, ask them “would they mind you tagging their Page to promote it”.  If you have formed a good relationship with this Business, they rarely say no.

Create an eye catching image and then tag these businesses.  Tag these Businesses two or three times throughout the contest – once when you launch it,  48 hours prior to the contest finishing and in the last few hours (if they are agreeable to you doing this).  Remember don’t spam these Pages or you may end up getting Reported for Spamming and shut down.

To Tag a Person/Page:

  • Start typing your message then type the “@” symbol followed by the beginning of the person’s/page name that you wish to tag. You’ll see a selection of choices in the dropdown menu.

tagging pages

  • Click on the person/page that you want to tag.
  • The person/page instantly pops into your post, highlighted in gray.
  • After hitting the POST button, the name of the person/page turns into a hyperlink.

Tagging is a very effective way of getting your business seen – but don’t over do it !




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