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Using Pinterest to Promote your Contest

Pinterest as a social media site has grown so fast that most people didn’t see it coming.

I have to say that I was confused as to how would Pinterest help my business with my marketing and was it just another shiny object that distracted me from focusing on my business.

So like most people, I played with it for a while (well 10 minutes) and became hooked.  Part of my weekly strategy is that I post quotes, along with reposting pins from other pinners.  You might be saying “Well Donna that is all fine” but how will it help us?  Great question !

My friend Katrina Moody from Kat’s Cafe.org has set up a contest on Facebook and to help get her more exposure she has created a mini contest on “Pinterest” .

Here are the Rules:

For this Pin it to Share (and Win!) Contest, the rules are very simple

First – Pin this graphic (to the left) to Pinterest.

Second – You can tweet, post to your wall on Facebook, blog about it, or make your own graphic to Pin or share … whatever you do must answer the question:  What Does Autism Awareness Mean to You?

Third – Come back and comment with your URL to your Facebook Post, Tweet or Blog Post OR after you have pinned it you can come back to answer the question in the comments if you aren’t a social butterfly. Also, leave the URL to your Pin so I can go say hi and like it for you.

Drop on over to Katrina’s site and take a look at what Katrina has done with this Contest to raise Awareness for Autism.  Pinterest is not going away, I recommend you jump on board and start using Pinterest as part of your Contest Strategy.  Along with pinning on a regularly basis images that represent your boards and interest.

Pinterest Contest:  What Does Autism Mean to You !