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Using Photo Contests to grow your Social Proof!

If you follow my Facebook Page “Fanpage Competitions” you’ll know that I am an advocate of Sweepstakes!

Why?  Because they are super easy to setup and super easy for your Likers to enter.   Most only require you to enter your name and email and the best part for the Page owner, your building a list of prospects who are interested in your products and services.

So why a Photo Contest?


Well why not, they provide massive amounts of social proof and your Page will be shared, over and over again when the voting starts!

Photo contests require a lot more work for the Page owner and seriously not something I would recommend for anyone who is new to Facebook and if its your first contest.

From the entrants perspective, the prize needs to be worth the effort.  For example – don’t offer a prize for say $25 and expect people to upload an image and share votes to win, it just won’t happen.

If you create a contest where the prize pool is $1000 then you’ll have a success story!  People will be rushing to enter as the prize is substantial and worth the effort to enter and win.

When designing your Photo Contest – make it relatively simply.   The easier you make it for the person to take an image, the better results you’ll have. 

When writing your Contest Rules think about every scenario that could happen, consult an expert if you haven’t done these before. I hate to say this, but people do cheat.  Why?  If the prize is ‘worth it’ and they want it badly enough, the entrants will do  whatever it takes to win!

The last photo contest I ran for a page was a prize pool of $5000 for a wedding venue.  The brides to be, were so excited!  Two found a loop hole and used it to their advantage to gain as many votes as possible.

Plan your Photo Contest carefully and make sure you have allocated the time necessary to support your Page to get the maximum results for your Contest.


In this video, I visited one of our local Restaurant Pages who is holding a Photo Contest asking people to share an image of the Sunshine Coast (my home town).  

So what do you think, are you going to hold a Photo Contest for your next Contest or stick with a sweepstakes?  Love to know your thoughts.

Ps – Have you checked out our Fast Track Course?  It includes a very simple to use sweepstakes app and training to get you started with using contests on your Page.



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