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Tips for a Successful Contest on Facebook

I love watching my newsfeed in Facebook to see how many fantastic competitions are being offered.  I have tried to win about a dozen iPads this year !

Before setting up a Contest you need to prepare.

1.  Decide on your goal for running a contest;
2.  Who are you targeting?
3.  What kind of prize are you offering;
4.  Prepare a social media strategy so you contest is a success.

Once you have these 4 figured out then start sharing the excitement on your page.  Let people know your competition is coming; maybe even ask them what they would like to win.  Create excitement about what you are giving away!  Everyone loves to win!

  • Launch with a Bang!  Make sure you tell your list, share it in Twitter or on your Google + Page – everywhere that people who know you might be hanging out.
  • Keep your fans up to date with what you are doing – share your success along the way.
  • Ask them to share it with their friends and their Facebook pages.
  • Warn them – we are counting down …  its  48 / 24 hours then we are closing this competition … get in now !
  • Once its over – let your page know its over.  You cannot announce the winner on Facebook (however you can say that “We have a Winner” and we will share it once we have contacted them).

Ask the winner of your competition to take a picture of them and the prize and share it on your page.

Lastly, write to everyone who entered your competition and thank them for entering.

By creating a plan and following it – your Facebook Competition will be a Success !

If you have entered or run a Facebook Competition and would like to share your experience pop on over to www.facebook.com/fanpagecompetitions  we would love to hear from you.