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Facebook Contests: Where Prize Counts – Day 4 How to Run a Successful Facebook Contest

I cannot count the times I hear so called “social media experts” telling clients to give away an Ipad … but the fact is … they only attract people who want to win an Ipad.  An Ipad is perfect if you are in the business of selling t...

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Facebook Contests: Creating a Plan for your next Facebook Contest – Day 3

Welcome back to Day 3 of  “How to Create a Successful Facebook Contest”.  Today we’re covering the importance of having a Plan.  I like to allow at least 7 days to create my contests (really does depend on the type of contest y...

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Facebook Contests: Promotional Guidelines & Rules for your Facebook Contest – Day 2

Who would have thought a bit of planning can make all the difference to your Facebook Contest being a success … or a flop!  Before getting started, drop on over to Facebook and read their Promotional Guidelines.  Lucky for us there is only 4 of...

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