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Want To Know How You Can Tap Into The Hottest Trend in Facebook for Growing your Business!

Facebook Contests are by far, one of the easiest ways to get a return on your social media, build a list of raving fans ….and grow your social proof along the way.

So how do you get started?


The only decision you need to make is … what type of Contest will work for your Facebook Page!

winnerI personally love Sweepstakes. They are one of the easiest contests to setup and manage. They’re simple for your entrants to participate in, and frankly as the Page Owner you won’t have to spend hours managing it like a Video or Photo Contest.

Your entrants pop along to your Page, enter their name and email into the entry form and click ENTER to WIN! The smart ones, share it with their friends (to get bonus entry points) and then sit back and wait for your email to arrive saying “You’ve won“!

You can see why it didn’t take me long to get hooked on Facebook Contests! What I didn’t know, when I first started, was that Facebook had Rules called “Facebook’s Promotional Guidelines”.


Until the recent Facebook update to the Promotional Guidelines (late August 2013), if you ran a contest on the timeline of your Facebook Page, you ran the risk of having your Page shutdown! 

Facebook’s Promotional Guideline 3 NOW states …

Promotions may be administered on Pages or within apps on Facebook. Personal Timelines must not be used to administer promotions (ex: “share on your Timeline to enter” or “share on your friend’s Timeline to get additional entries” is not permitted).

With this news, Facebook Pages went crazy, people were posting Contests … left right and center!  It was hard to keep up with them, the newsfeed was full of “Giveaways, Contests and Enter to Win”!

People continue to ignore the Rules by asking entrants to like TAG and SHARE to enter.  Or LIKE this Page as a way of entering (Yes … asking people to Tag & Share or Liking a Page to Enter has and still is, against the Guidelines!).

Roll forward a month or so, and what we like to call  ‘OnPage Contests’ have slowed down.  WHY?  Because people are now realizing that holding an ‘OnPage Contest’ may not be the best way to run a promotion for their Page. 

These type of contests bring immediate engagement, but they are not a long term business strategy to follow!  So what are the benefits of an OnPage Contest:

  • Free to setup;
  • Easy entry for Fans;
  • Great for instant giveaways!  
  • Perfect for any type of promotion that is over in 24 hours!

WHAT they don’t do – is provide you with a list of potential business leads.   They don’t provide you with social proof ie. you cannot ask people to Like your Page plus THEY CAN BE hard work trying and manage.

These types of Contests are great for Seagulls –
they swoop in and steal the prize and you never see them again!

Facebook is my number 1 marketing tool and Contests are my secret ninja tool ~ there is no room for Seagulls on my Page!  My goal is to build long term customers, not people who swoop in and out and only stay long enough to poop on your Page!

Don’t get me wrong, I believe there is a place in Facebook for OnPage Contests but as a business owner I want to have the power for running my promotions  … not leave it to chance to Facebook.

Let’s talk about Facebook Contests Apps!

What are the benefits of using a Contest App:

  • Easily managed.
  • App does all the hard work for you.
  • Much harder to cheat using an App.
  • App collects the names and emails for the entrants.
  • Can collect any additional data ie. phone numbers or locations etc.
  • Able to fangate your Contest ie. have  a person Like your Page before entering (gaining additional social proof).
  • NO 1 BENEFIT – ability to contact the entrants at the end of your promotion and make an offer to them!

I test drove around 40 Contest Apps. Frankly most just frustrated the hell out of me and worse yet, some I waited 48 hours for their support to come back with an answer. ninjaWhen choosing a Contest App, it had to be simple to use and something I was prepared to recommend to my customers. If I didn’t use it myself, then I couldn’t recommend it!

I’m not very techy, in fact, if it takes more than about 15 minutes to master, I give up and find myself wasting time on Facebook! I’m guessing you’ve been there, done that yourself!

Introducing my ….

Super Simple Ninja Sweepstakes App

I took out all the “good bits” of every Contest App I road tested and created my own “Super Simple Sweepstakes App“!

So why is it so cool

1. Create a Sweepstakes in a matter of Minutes;

Add a photo, description, start date, end date and rules. It’s even got its own really simple to use editor (for us non technical people).

2. It’s versatile – Create a Sweepstakes, Ask a Question or use it for a simple Caption style Contest.

3. Easy Contest Entry Form.

4. Winners Automatically Chosen.

5. View your Stats from the dashboard.

6. View and Export Entries.

7. Push of a button and its automatically added to your Facebook Page (how easy is that)!

8. Bonus viral entry feature; and

9. It’s Facebook compliant!

Oh and did I mention that its Mobile friendly – just in case the 62% of people who use Facebook via a smart device want to enter your Contest!

And in case your wondering – you don’t need any technical experience to use it!

Watch Over My Shoulder As I Setup a Sweepstakes,
Ready to Launch in a Matter of Minutes!

As an added Bonus – I’ve created Step By Step bite sized videos to show you how super simple this Contest App is to use.

I’ve tested these videos on my mother to make sure that a complete Facebook newbie could understand them!

Ok Donna, this sounds exactly what I need to get started with
a Facebook Contest, what do I do next!

So here’s how it works

An App similar to this one, would normally retail for a minimum of $144. But I want as many people as possible to succeed with using Facebook Contests, so I have set the price at only $97 for 6 months exclusive access to the App.

HOWEVER! for a very limited time – 3 days in fact, from the time you lay your eyes on this page, I’m offering this Super Simple Sweepstakes App at half price!

ACT NOW and you’ll get exclusive access for 6 months to this App for the One Time Investment of $47. (Add it to your Facebook Page and run as many contests as you like over the 6 months).


You’re getting 6 months exclusive use of the Super Simple Ninja Sweepstakes App and step by step videos to help you setup a Contest on your Facebook Page using this App.


This simple to use App will allow you to Create a Sweepstakes, Ask a Question or use it for a simple Caption style Contest (its like 3 Apps built into 1)!

If your serious about using Facebook Contests to grow your business, then grab your copy of my Super Simple Ninja Sweepstakes App today at this low price.

You don’t need to use a Contest App anymore to be compliant with Facebook’s Promotional Guidelines, BUT if you are wanting to use a Contest as a tool to grow your business then don’t waste your time and money by running Onpage Contests and get nothing in return!

And one more thing you should know:

Unlike any other Contest App available on the market place I am willing to put my money where my mouth is!

Buy it, try it and if you don’t agree with me that its that easy to use, I’m going to give you my “no questions asked” 30 day guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied for any reason, you can just send me a message and get a refund, no questions asked.


Create a Sweepstakes, Ask a Question or use it for a simple Caption style Contest – you decide which Contest will get your Page buzzing!


Don’t delay – I’ve kept the investment super low so you have no excuses to get started today using Facebook Contests to grow your Business!

There will always be a  place FOR BOTH types of Contests.  Use an OnPage Contest  when you want to give away tickets to an event or something that is of low value or when you just want to get quick engagement on your Page.  Use a Contest App and run a traditional style Sweepstakes to build a list and have the ability to contact those entrants over and over again!

Want a sneak peak inside of our super simple Ninja Sweepstakes App?  Click the 2 minute video below to see just how simple setting up this Sweepstakes App really is!


As a Bonus to this Ninja App, I’m also including 6 months exclusive access to our  OnPage Contest Tool to help you manage any OnPage Contests you run. 

This tool will automatically pick a winner from the Likers and/or people who Comment and save you the drama of managing your OnPage Contests!

You’ve got everything you need to succeed with running a successful Facebook Contests on your Page!

To your social media success!

Donna Hamer

P.S. Remember – you have absolutely nothing to lose as you’re backed by our 30 day – Love it or Leave It – 100% guarantee. Order Your Copy Here.

P.P.S. Again, if you’re at all interested, please don’t tell yourself to “come back later” because the price will rise. ;) You owe it to yourself to grab it today — especially considering there’s absolutely nothing to lose. Grab Your Copy Now!