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Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet

It’s so frustrating that all social media platforms cannot get together and make it easy.

Easy, so we can remember what the actual size for an image is – I think they should be universal for all platforms.  What do you think?

Why is Facebook 403px … and an image for Pinterest is 600px.   Does size really matter?  The answer to that question is YES.  If you use an image that is too big for the actual social media platform, the image can loose impact on your Page or Wall as only half of it will be displayed.

Well never fear there is always one smart cookie who takes the time to sit down and create an awesome infographic, or better still a post that has every single size (you’ll ever need to know) for all your social media platforms.

These include Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest.


Now bookmark THIS PAGE from Dan, as it will come in very handy when you are trying to figure out sizings on each social platform.

Thanks Dan Wilkerson for creating this awesome Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet.

Oh and a word of advice – don’t try and remember them all, one of these social media platforms will come along in the not too distant future and change a size. They always do – use this reference guide instead!!


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