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Rewarding Users using Facebook Contest Apps

This is a hotly debated topic amongst users on my Page.   I hear on a regular basis, “why share this contest on our personal profile when its of no benefit to us”!

For a lot of contests there really is no benefit, particularly contests that are being run on a wall (which I might add, are against the Promotional Guidelines).  To learn more about the Promotional Guidelines ==> Click Here!

Below is an example of a Contest being run on a wall – let’s overlook that they are doing EVERYTHING against the Guidelines and take a look as to why its of no benefit to you to share this !

Like and Share Contest

Entrants come along and Like and Share – doing what they think is the right thing, trouble is…. sometimes these shares don’t get registered, if you share it 10 times, do you get an extra 10 entries?  Are you being rewarded at all?  There is no rules so you really don’t know if its even legitimate – or worse yet, if you will even receive a prize.

If the Contest becomes super popular do they really have the time to track every Like and Share, chances are NO !

Contests like this can very quickly turn into a social media nightmare and unfortunately for the Page running them, run the risk of being shutdown by Facebook.

Now in comes a Facebook Compliant Contest App – these apps have been created to not only meet the Promotional Guidelines but have been created with your business in mind.  They want your business to get the best possible experience with a contest and as such ensure that their app – ticks all the right boxes.

What boxes might they be?

  • First that they meet the Promotional Guidelines – so that you don’t do anything that would put your page at risk.
  • Next when asking people to Share – they meet the guidelines as set out by Facebook for “Rewarding Users”

Facebook State:  While our policies prohibit directly tying incentives to the use of our Social Channels, e.g. rewarding users for the sole act of posting a Stream stories or sending a Request, we do allow for referral-based rewards where our Social Channels are indirectly tied to the potential in-app reward.

Facebook Contest App for Rewarding

If you want to get the best possible exposure for your next Facebook Contest make sure you use an app that;

(1) Is mobile friendly – 62% of users visit Facebook via a mobile device;

(2) Your contest app is Facebook Compliant (a free app generally doesn’t cut it);

(3) Your entrants after entering your contest, can be rewarded – therefore encouraging them to virally share it.  It’s a win – win for both parties.


If you have any questions about running a compliant Facebook Contest, drop on over to our Facebook Page and post your question on our wall.

Otherwise check out our “Fast Track” course which not only includes training but also includes 12 months access to our exclusive contest app – which includes a bonus/share reward feature.