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Learn How to Create a Compliant Facebook Contest

I see so many Competitions being run in Facebook on a Facebook Page’s wall.  I am not sure if people do this as they don’t know about Facebook’s Promotional Guidelines – or they just don’t care their page could be shut down.

Since starting Fanpage Competitions – I have received a lot of feedback with people wanting to learn how to setup a fully compliant Facebook Competition.

So with that in mind we are now officially launching Fanpage Competitions Starter Kit.  This kit consists of ;

  • A 30 minute Webinar where we discuss Competitions in detail;
  • A full illustrated Guide;
  • And 7 step by step videos to ensure you setup a fully compliant Facebook Competition;
  • Oh and … our very own Fanpage Competitions Generator.

To learn more about whats included check out this video.


Once you have created your Competition – be sure to pop on over to our Facebook Page and let us know about it.