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If they like a Post to Enter is that Ok ?

I can see why people run the risk of having their Facebook Page shut down by allowing people to click “like” on a post.  Setting up an app to give away a prize, that is drawn in 24 hours, seems a lot of hard work.

But is it?  It only takes a few people to lodge a complaint with Facebook and your Page can be removed.

So rather than testing the boundaries – learn more about how to run a successful competition; what Competition Apps are available and how you can use them, to not only run a competition – but create a list of buyers.

Listed below are some of the different styles of competition apps are available:

  • Sweepstakes
  • Photo contests
  • Essay based
  • Trivia
  • Quizz
  • Video contests
  • Favorite pick
  • Coupons

Find one that suits your purpose and make sure you follow Facebook’s Guidelines.  To learn the Guidelines – click here.