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How to Manage your Facebook Page in 10 minutes a Day


When running workshops, the number 1 frustration business owners shared with me, is that ‘they don’t have enough time to manage their social media‘.

Whilst you cannot do it all yourself, I believe that as a business owner you need to know how social media works, in order to get the most out of it.

The key to success is picking one social media platform and becoming a master at it.  Don’t try and work them all at once, you’ll just loose focus and end up frustrated.  I recommend that you go ahead and setup your profile on as many social media platforms as you like, then put those aside until you are ready to move on.  

Our focus will be Facebook, however a lot of what is being shared, you’ll be able to apply to other platforms if you choose to use them.

In getting started there are 3 things to consider.

1.  Creating Content
2.  Posting Contest
3.  Commenting and sharing on Content.

It’s a bit like ‘What, When & How’What you are going to create, When you are going to Post it and How will it been seen by Others.

Step 1 – Decide on the type of Content to create.  

You’re only limited to your imagination when it comes to creating content for your Page.  Here’s 10 ideas to start with.

1.  Fill in the blank question
2.  Yes or No question
3.  Inspiring Quotes
4.  Funny Images
5.  Blog post
6.  Case Study
7.  Youtube Video
8.  How To’s
9.  Polls
10. Interviews


Mix up the content, you’ll soon see what Content is being shared and the engagement you get from your Likers.  Once you know this, you can create more of what your Page wants.

Set aside say 30 minutes to an hour at the beginning of the week and create content that you can post throughout the week. How long you need will depend on how many times a week you Post.  


Step 2 –   I generally post 4 times a day to cover all time zones, however that may not be achievable when starting out.  At the very least, aim to post at least twice a day.  

TIP:  When trying to figure out when to post, ask yourself … when is my target audience on Facebook? First thing in the morning, before work, after they get home, before dinner, after the children are in bed.  By answering these questions you’ll have a good idea when is the best time to post.

Once you know what your posting and when, then you need to post it to Facebook.  This was always the killer!  What if I slept in or was too tired to post at 10.30pm at night.  

Facebook recently introduced the ‘Scheduler Feature’.  This very cool feature (in my humble opinion) will save you huge amounts of time.  You can use it via your Page or its also available on your Smart Devices. 

Imagine being out and about and you get an idea for a post, open up your Page on your iPhone and use the Schedule Feature!  Bang that night when you are tucked up in bed, Facebook Scheduler Feature posts it to your Page (It doesn’t get any easier than that!!!).

In a nut shell, this feature allows you to pre-post/schedule as many posts as you like in advance.  At the allocated time, Facebook then posts it on your Page.  Don’t worry if you want to change a post or delete what you have setup, you can do it via your Pages “Activity Log”.

Here’s  how easy to it is to schedule a post by using the Scheduler feature.  Go to your Facebook Page:

A:  Create your post

B:  Click the small grey clock icon in the lower-left corner of the status update window (then the year drop down will pop up)

C:  You’ll need to set the time you want your post to appear on your Page by selecting the exact date and time including: Year, month day, hour and minute

D:  Lastly click the blue “Schedule” button that pops up once you have activated the time.


TIP:  You can  add images, links, videos – whatever you like to the post.

To learn more about using the Scheduler Feature on your smart device drop on over to this post  ==> Are you Using Facebook Schedule Feature on your iphone?

I can guarantee this one little trick will save you huge amounts of time and frustration.

Step 3 –  Now comes the best part.  Each morning (and/or night) when you log into Facebook you don’t have to worry about creating content, [thanks to the Scheduler Feature and a little bit of prior planning].  Your job is to simply go and engage with people who have commented on your Page.

Make sure you Like each comment and consider responding to them (if necessary). 

TIP:  To get your Page seen … and to help grow your Page, you need to use your Page and comment on other local Pages on a daily basis.  Go there, interact, ask questions – this will get your Page seen on the wall of other Pages.   Remember … don’t go to other Pages and spam their wall with links to your Page or offers, ask questions, comment and interact.

Following these 3 simple steps will take the frustration out of social media and help you quickly manage your Page in less than 10 minutes a day.