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How to Get your Facebook Contest Seen in the Newsfeed!

You have worked really hard to put your  Contest together.  Overcome the fear that no one will enter, figured out how to create an image to captivate your audience to enter you Contest … but now what.

Next step is you need to get your Contest seen.  People don’t come to your Page and go “Wow they have a contest up and running” they generally see your posts in their newsfeeds and head on over to the App and enter.

So it’s important to ensure that you create an image to add to your post when you announce it on your Page.  This will immediately capture the eye of your audience.


Also consider running a “Promoted Post” – with the new rules to Facebook you need to be careful with the amount of text on images for promoted posts, but this is a very easy way to get your Contest seen in the newsfeed of your Likers for a relatively low cost.   My friend Scott from Post Planner recently did a great post on Promoted Posts and what type of images you are allowed to use.

Here is an example of what you can and cannot use now on images for Promoted Posts.


Always be asking fun and engaging questions and don’t forget to put the link directly back to your contest in the post, so that your Likers can enter.

There are many other strategies you can engage in, to get your Contest seen – here is a great article from TabSite with their tips on Posting your Contest or Promotion to Facebook Timeline – Best Practices .


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