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How to Create a Viral Sweepstakes With Social Media

It’s all well and good to set up your Sweepstakes or Competition on your Facebook Page however if you don’t tell people about it … it will soon fade into the sunset.

One way of spreading the word is by creating a Viral Sweepstakes. So how do you do this?  Easy., by encouraging your entrants to use the “Share” button to maximise the viral effect of your competition.

Here are three examples of ways that brands are currently running Facebook viral Sweepstakes:

1.  Soft Share
After entering the competition you are given the option to “Share This” with your friends.

2.  Direct Share
After entering the competition you are then presented with a window, which has already been pre-populated and you add your own message before posting it to your wall.

3.  Incentivized Share
After entering the competition you are encouraged to share the competition and are, for example, given extra points in the raffle.

You will often see a leader board on a Sweepstakes – where they share who is currently winning.  Seeing your image and the points is often enough to bring out the competitive side of a person … so they keep sharing to stay in number 1 position.

Most Competition/Sweepstakes apps already have the viral share built in – so that it makes it very easy for your entrants to share your Competition.

To read more about creating a viral sweepstakes check out this article from the Social Media Examiner.