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How to Create a Story Arc for your next Social Media Campaign

Think back to your favorite book, we all have one! It has a beginning, middle, a climax and an ending!

Depending upon the story, it made you; laugh, cry, or do something you haven’t done in a long time!   A great story is designed to trigger an emotional response!  If the story is really good, you can’t put it down! 


When creating a story arc for your next social media campaign – build suspense, create interest, spark response from your followers and then give them something to think about!  Get them involved with the story, enc0urage them to comment or share about the story. 

Make THEM the brand advocates of your business!

One of my clients is about to launch a new book and I thought it would be a great example on how to create a story arc.   Whilst you can use your personal profile for such an event, I believe you are far better to use your Facebook Page.  You have the ability to allow it to be virally seen, plus friends of friends can join the cause. 

Chapter One:  Create a Facebook Event

Set a date and time and invite your friends, business associates and Facebook likers to the event.  Consider doing a mini launch that invites them to a Google Hangout to discuss the Book prior the Big Launch.


Chapter Two:  Write a Post

Create a page post about the event inviting others to attend and consider running a small Facebook Ad to increase the viral reach.

Chapter Three:  Build Excitement

Build excitement about the event by bringing in other published authors, who’ll raise the profile of your Launch by discussing it on their Pages. Use photos, video links and blog posts to give a taste of your book. 

Create a hashtag about your event that can be used on all social media channels and encourage everyone to use this tag.

Chapter Four:  Get audience participation    

Engage the audience by inviting them to virtually interact with the speakers.  Hold a page party, ask them to review the book and share their review.  Create a video and share it on Youtube.  Offer people the chance to submit questions to be discussed at the event.  Offer them copies of the book to giveaway on their Page as well!

Chapter Five: Hold a Facebook Contest

Create a Contest – giving away signed copies of your Book and have these people attend your Book Launch as VIP Guests!  People love contests and are happy to share the Contest, to get a better chance of winning!


Chapter Six:  Create a list of attendees

Create a list of  who’s who or people who are well known in their industry and have a good social media following.  As the book launch draws closer, tweet, post and share about these attendees to raise the profile of the event.  Ask your “list” to become involved in the excitement and tell their Page about the event.

Chapter Seven: Post about the Book Launch

Create a post sharing details about the Book Launch Venue ie. how to get there, parking, refreshments, restaurants, the celebrities going.  Post any additional information that will be helpful in raising awareness of the event.  Run a Promoted Page Post Facebook Ad to help push it out.

Chapter Eight: Ask a Question

A couple of days before the event, ask people to share what they are looking forward to the most. Get feedback and build excitement, repost and retweet their responses, include the hashtag so its easy to track.

Chapter Nine: Draw the Winner!winner_lady

Announce the winner of your Contest and have them share about how excited they are at attending the official Book Launch and meeting the Author.  Rush a copy of the book out to the winner and ask them to share a photo of themselves holding the book! 

Chapter Ten: Ask a Question

On the day, at the Book Launch share the hashtag of the event and ask people to Tweet, post directly to Facebook or Instagram with photos, key information, statistics etc using the hashtag.  

Chapter Eleven: At the Event

Ask people at the launch if they would do a quick interview.  Share these on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.   Create a photo opportunity (everyone loves to be seen and will share it on social media platforms).

Chapter Twelve: Book buyers

Email everyone who attended and invite them to share more about the book, and where to purchase it (include the link to your Amazon store or website).

Chapter Thirteen: Blog about it!

Write a Blog post about the event and include pictures of people from the day and/or video testimonials.  Ask people to tag and share your images.

Chapter Fourteen: Publicly thank everyone.

Take the opportunity to thank everyone who attended via email and ALSO thank them publicly on Facebook.

Closing curtain!

Invite attendees and others to provide input into the next Book Launch.  This is an excellent way to gather feedback and make your next event even better …. plus giving you an opportunity to create an better story arc next time!


A story arc offers more than just the who, what, when, where and why of the event.   You’ll give your followers an opportunity to get involved, have fun and raise the profile of your launch!

That’s a Win – Win for everyone!

If you enjoyed this article, please feel free to share it on your Facebook Page or to your list, giving credit -where credit is due!