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How to Create a Facebook Contest in 5 Easy Steps!

I know, I know … its true, its really not that hard to setup a Facebook Contest – or is it? 

If you have a spare 30 minutes, you’ll be up and running and promoting your Contest to your Page.  Oh a word of warning …. plan ahead of time, that will take the stress out of it.

Here’s my 5 step plan to get started.

Step 1 – Understand the Guidelines.

Yes I know I go on and on about the Guidelines, but if you know and understand them you’ll have no issues when you run your contest.  If a person sends you a message suggesting that what you are doing is against the Guidelines you can say “it’s ok, I do know what I am doing”.   Believe me, I get lots of do gooders sharing their advice.  What makes me laugh is I have never seen them actually run a contest before in Facebook, yet they are so willing to help!

Here is the link to the Guidelines ===> http://fanpagecompetitions.com/fbguidelines

Step 2 – Use a Contest App

Yes, you can create a website page and drive people to it (not something I would recommend) or you can use a website page and embed that in Facebook.  But seriously why waste time, use a contest app, these are designed to make your life easy.   They have built in viral features to help your Contest get seen in Facebook.

People who create these apps, know what they are doing! 

Blatant Plug ==> check out our course FB Contest – Fast Track, includes training and exclusive use of our simple sweepstakes app for 12 months for an investment of $97.


Step 3 – Setting up the Contest App

Once you have decided on what type of contest you’re running (I personally suggest you start with a sweepstakes as they very easy for people to enter) and what app would be best suited to your Contest, start creating your images. 

I find images take me the most amount of time.  Create eye catching images to entice people to want to enter.  Don’t forget to include things like;

  • Start Date;
  • Finish Date;
  • What they are winning ie. prize;
  • How many prizes;
  • The value of the prize;
  • Anything that is relevant to what your Contest is about.


Step 4 – Launching the Contest

Now the fun begins.  Do a post as soon as you have launched your contest and share the link to the “Contest App”.  If you have used one of our apps, share the mobile friendly link to ensure that people on smart devices and mobile phones can enter. 

Tip:  62% of people in Facebook use smart devices to view your Page.

Regularly  keep your Likers up to date with your Contest news.  Post images, questions, quotes, meme’s etc to get people to

(1) share more about your contest

(2) drive traffic back to your Contest app.


Step 5 – Promotions

 The biggest factor to ensure your contest is a success is keeping the momentum up, share about it regularly.  Ask people questions about your contest, give them reasons to answer your questions and you a reason to share the link directly to your Contest.

Spend money advertising – whether its $5 a day on Facebook Ads or trying Promoted Posts (which can cost as little as $10 for 3 days – depending on your Page size).


Once the contest is over, if you have used a good contest app – it should merely be a matter of clicking a button and the app draws the Winner or Winners. 

WARNING:  Do not go to Facebook and announce the winner as this is against the Promotional Guidelines.  What I recommend is that after the person has claimed the prize you ask them to go to your Page and let people know they have won, then highlight this Post.

You might like to also video the drawing or video yourself announcing the winner, so you can share this on your Page.


And don’t forget to  write to the winner, congratulating them and share how they can claim their prize.

Lastly, always remember to have fun.. contests are fun and a great way for you to build up a great rapport with your Page!




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