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How to Create a Christmas Time Line Cover

I must admit I am lazy and don’t change my time line cover on a regular basis.  To get into the Christmas spirit I created a new cover (still haven’t decorated my house yet!).

This week I asked people to share their pages and show off their covers as well. It was then that I realised a lot of people didn’t know how to create a simple cover, let alone how to change their cover on a regular basis.

In this video we will use Pixlr.com to create a quick time line cover and then upload your image into Facebook.  Pixlr is free to use and the images I used were also free on the internet (but please make sure you check the copyright permission before using any images).

Here are a couple of websites that have free backgrounds that you can save and use to create your cover.

1. Free Christmas Hd Wallpapers
2. Christmas ppt backgrounds

Drop on over to my facebook page and let me know if you enjoyed the video and share your newly created cover.