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Five Facebook Applications that Can Help your Business

Social media is a great way to market your business, and Facebook is right in the middle of this trend.  In addition to setting up your Personal Profile and Facebook Business Page on Facebook, there are also a number of ready-made tools that you can plug in to your Facebook account in order to increase your page’s functionality.  This is possible through applications (already created by others) also known as apps.  There are literally thousands of apps available on the market place.  Using these apps can go a long way in increasing your business’s effectiveness to be seen online.  So let’s take a look at 5 apps that can help your business increase its visibility on Facebook:

Pinterest Page App

pinterest_appPinterest is a relatively new social media site that is fast becoming the hottest talked about social site on the internet.  After setting up your Pinterest account log back into Facebook and search for Pinterest Page App.  Add the app to your Page.  With the click of a few buttons you can now have your Pinterest account showing directly in Facebook.  This app will beautifully display all your Pins from Pinterest giving you the opportunity of displaying your content right in Facebook and your fans the ability to connect with you immediately.  If you haven’t set up a Pinterest account I recommend you doing so immediately.

RSS Graffiti

rss_appIf you maintain a blog for your website, then this tool will save you time and money.  RSS Graffiti actually works on both profile and fan pages.  After installing this app, you simply write an article on your blog and then hit the post button and it will automatically be uploaded to your Facebook page.  This app will save you time through its automation process of your blog.

Static Html – Thunderpenny

static_appEver wanted to display your website directly inside Facebook or set up a landing page to give away a free ebook.  The Static Html app has many uses including the ability to fangate your page.  For example, send a person to your page and they are forced to LIKE it before they can signup for your free ebook (this is known as fangatting your page).

YouTube Channels

youtube_appIt is an undisputed fact that people tend to prefer video over any other medium while surfing the web for information.  If your business already has a YouTube Channel (and, again, it should!), then adding the YouTube Channels app to your Facebook Fanpage is a super easy way to add a video element to your Facebook presence.  YouTube Channels also works on profile pages, as well as application pages!

Facebook Contests

fanpage_contests_appRunning a Facebook Contest is one of the easiest ways to not only gain new Likers to your Page but it gives you an immediate list of prospective customers at the end of your contest.   To run a contest you’ll  need to follow the Facebook’s Promotional Guidelines or run the risk of having your Page shutdown by Facebook.  There are literally hundreds of apps to run your contest, the one to use will depend on the type of contest you are running ie. Photo contest, sweepstakes, instant win to name a few.

Fanpage Competitions has created two apps and both come with full training and support to assist you with setting up a Sweepstakes which is one of the easiest contest to launch on your Page.

Facebook applications make it possible for you to kick your social media marketing up to a whole new level.  Try these 5 awesome Facebook apps out for size to increase your visibility.