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Find out what your Audience Wants !

Are you struggling to find great content for your Facebook Page?  It can be hard work knowing what your audience wants to read or engage with. 

Here are three suggestions that you can implement today to find out what they want, and what you should be sharing with them.

1.  Ask the ‘Question’ on your Page;

Regularly include questions, you’ll be amazed at what your likers will share with you.  This is a great way to do market research … and … you might find a new product or service that you can offer to them!


2.  Setup the Questions Feature on your Page

** Offers are only available to Pages with at least 100 likes.  Rather than Offers it  might say “Milestones” simply click this link and the window will expand and you will see the “Questions” Feature.


3.  Use a Facebook App to Poll your Page

There are many Apps that will allow you to setup this feature,  however they will cost a small amount to use.  But the benefits of creating a list and knowing exactly what people want to see out weighs the cost in my opinion.

In this quick video I show you how to use the “Questions Feature” on your Page and another Page that is using a Polling App to ask questions.  The benefit of the app is that you then get the details of the people who click on it.  ie.  the app gathers the name and email of the people who use it.

Let me know which method you like the best!

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