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Finally ! FB Share button is here !

My days are fairly structured when it comes to Facebook. I log into Facebook, do my daily postings on my Pages and then I try and avoid visiting Facebook on my PC until the end of the day.

Why do you avoid it, I hear you ask! Well that’s very simple. I get too distracted:-) I have set myself a strict 30 minute rule in the morning for Facebook. I know each day what I am going to post, and go to the Pages and do what I have to do and get out.

Now you are probably thinking… but that would be ignoring your fans. I don’t ignore them, I find it much simpler to use the two Facebook Apps for my iphone to manage my daily activity. The Facebook App and the Page Manager App. When I get a ding (little sound my phone makes when I get a FB notification) I can decide do I want to read and respond to it now, or leave it until I am finished what I am working on.

Did you know that 62% of people use their mobile phones to access Facebook on a daily basis?

A feature that so many have been screaming out for is the “Share Button” on the Facebook App. I cannot believe that Facebook left this little feature out of their App – but the exciting news its now available.

If you are a little lazy and don’t update your apps all the time you won’t get the benefit of this feature until you have updated the App.

So fire up your iphone – click on “App Store” click on “Updates” and get cracking with updating this App.

What is the benefit of “Share”? I read so many great posts from others, why reinvent the wheel, share other people’s content several times a week. Don’t share so much that your customers forget who you are … but share great information that will keep your customers informed and learning.

Ps.  Did you know that our Contest Apps are mobile friendly !!