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Facebook Scheduler to Plan your Facebook Contests

As part of your contest strategy you should be posting about your Contest daily.  By using Facebook’s Scheduler Feature this will make posting so much easier.

Here’s  how easy to it is to schedule a post by using the Scheduler feature:

Step 1:  Create your post

Step 2:  Click the small grey clock icon in the lower-left corner of the status update window

Step 3:  You’ll need to set the time you want your post to appear on your page by selecting the exact date and time including: Year, month day, hour and minute

Step 4:  Lastly click the blue “Schedule” button that pops up once you have activated the time.


TIP:  You can , add images and videos to your posts but do these before you hit the Scheduler button or you will have to reset it again.

Before you start to scream for help as you don’t know where all your posts have gone – all Scheduled posts are listed in the Activity Log (found under the “Edit Page” button in the Admin Panel).
Go to your Admin Panel, click on Edit Page and then scroll down to Use Activity Log.


Then you’ll be displayed with a list of all your Scheduled Posts.


In this window you get the option to:

Change Time | Publish Now | or Delete Post

This is a wonderful feature and something that every Facebook Business Page should be using to manage the posts for their Facebook Contests.