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Facebook Page – How to create a Facebook Landing Page

Ever wanted to display your website directly inside Facebook or set up a landing page to give away a free ebook, display a video etc?

The secret is out … this is very simple to achieve if you use a fantastic app like “Static Html-Thunderpenny”.  Two things I love about this app, its free AND you can also “fangate” your page.

So what does fangatting mean…

Say you would like to give away an ebook, now you could send people to your website and ask them to sign up or better still you can send them to a Tab in Facebook (attached to your Facebook Page) and ask them to signup via this Tab.  Here is where the fun starts, because its in Facebook you can set the Tab to ask them to LIKE your page before it reveals to them how to sign up for your ebook.  This is called “fangatting”.

Simply install the app and then follow the onscreen help to instal these tabs with one click of a button.


The Static Html app is very easy to use and I love the inbuilt fangatting feature.

To learn more about this app and how to install it on your Page – follow these step by step instructions from the developer themselves “Thunderpenny” ===>  Click here to get started.