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Facebook Marketing Bootcamp Takeaway

Let’s set the scene for the first ever Facebook Marketing Bootcamp in Brisbane (Australia).  250 tickets sold out quickly and people who left it to the last minute, missed out.

I purchased my ticket early as I was keen to get some inside information!

After grabbing front row seats, we met Nick Bowditch who is the Facebook representative.  I had heard, that Nick was somewhat different, and not to expect someone who wore Armani suits!  Well true to form, he rocked up with jeans and thongs (flip flops) if you need an interpretation.

Nick had been running his own social media business before being lured over to Facebook (with a healthy pay rise no doubt). He made us laugh, he made us think, and he made us feel like Facebook was our best friend and all those times we had cursed it and said that’s it … never again, all seem to be a thing of the past!

Nick shared that in the next 3 months there will be huge changes coming to Facebook.  I was like NO…. we can’t handle anymore change!  Nick wouldn’t reveal exactly what it was, but said it was a HUGE game changer. I tried several times to get him to discuss it, even a little bribery with coffee and cakes, but his lips were sealed !

One of Facebook’s favourite quotes was “Move fast and break stuff” .. this would explain why things break so often !

Engagement: was discussed at length and why certain posts are getting less engagement.  His response “If your page is getting less engagement, you are less engaging”!  When asked about text getting more engagement than images (at present), his response was that “images will always outperform text“.  ‘Test and measure everything you do and watch your insights closely.  When you post and what you post, will reflect the engagement on your page’. 

New Features:  Questioned about new features he said ‘they roll out new features nearly every week and test it on a selection of people / countries – usually to people that provide feedback’. If it gets the thumbs up it stays, if it doesn’t it goes.  I was excited that I had the new REPLY feature on one of my pages (nice to know I am one of their testers)!


Images:  He encouraged us to use more images as they get the most engagement AND use lots of white spaces to make an impact.  Change your time line cover often AND to share the story about your business.  Become the story teller of your business using images.

One tip was to cross promote with other brands and use your time line cover to monetize it.  In this example Mountain Dew had teamed up with Halo 4.

These two statements tickled my fancy … “Don’t reinvent the wheel” and “if you are a perfectionist – just get on with it!

Contests:  My ears pricked up when Nick talked about how Facebook is cracking down on people running contests against the Promotional Guidelines.   He encouraged all of us to report illegal contests.  He said “why should you follow the guidelines when a select few choose to do what they like”.  It’s up to the individuals to report these pages and assist Facebook.

Warnings:  Pages that have cried “poor me” and said that Facebook just shut them down with no warnings just isn’t true.  He assured us this ‘NEVER HAPPENS’.  Rule breakers get three warnings before their page is shutdown.  If you have breached the Terms of Service or the Promotional Guidelines when you log into Facebook there is a message that pops up on the screen.  You have to read and accept the warning – before you can go any further.   They do not just shut a page down without warning!

Personal Profile:  If you are using your personal profile as a business name expect to see these deleted!    You can either convert the profile to a real person or convert the profile over to a business page.

Copyright images:  Another biggie was the misuse of copyright material.  If you see an image you like on Facebook use the SHARE button.  Do not right click and save to your computer and upload again (this is in breach of copyright).   An example he shared was the e-cards so many people just copy and paste these images.  If you see an image that has been posted .. use the SHARE button to share it on your pages or profile.  If the person who originally posted it doesn’t have permission to do so and they are reported, they will get a warning.  If you hit the share button and have SHARED you will not be penalized for what another person does.

Facebook Myths – Nick shared how a lot of people make up information about Facebook and blog about it.  He was adamant that ‘if it doesn’t come from Facebook don’t believe it‘.   For example “Edgerank” is a term was made up by a blogger and it doesn’t exist in Facebook. Whereas ‘algorithm’ is a Facebook term … and one which, I am sure,  will always remain a mystery to most of us !

In addition to the great information shared by Nick, I had the opportunity to be one of the speakers at the Bootcamp.  I was humbled to be asked to be part of the team to present!  My presentation was on my favorite topic “Promote your business with Facebook Apps” and I shared to a room full of people my top 5 apps that I use to promote my business.

1.  Twitter and/or Rss Grafitti (great for productivity)
2.  Static Html (allows you to showcase your website directly in Facebook)
3.  Pinterest  (allows you to bring into Facebook your pins from Pinterest)
4.  Shopping carts – self explanatory
5.  Contests (being biased I use our own Contest app from Fanpage Competitions).

If you get a chance to go to one of these Bootcamps I urge you to attend, it’s a great way to connect with the team from Facebook and learn the latest information.

If you have any questions, please feel free to post them below in the comments section, or directly on my page in Facebook.