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No More Facebook Like Gating aka Fangating, Banned!

As at 5th November 2014 – Facebook will remove the feature to “Like Gate also known as Fangate”  ie. force someone to Like your Page before engaging with your App.  This new change will not only affect our Fanpage Competitions Apps, but also every other App created within Facebook.

Fangating was a feature widely used with Contests, as a way of growing your social proof as a person had to ‘Like your Page’, before engaging with your Contest App.

Facebook states: “To ensure quality connections and help businesses reach the people who matter to them, we want people to like Pages because they want to connect and hear from the business, not because of artificial incentives.”

As a business owner the biggest benefit of running a contest using an app was creating a “list” ie the names and emails and any other information you decided you needed for people to enter.  Then, at the end of the contest you had the opportunity to write to every entrant and make an offer.  

Regardless of this new ruling, we encourage all page owners to use a mixture of OnPage Contests and Contests using our Apps.  This will give your likers the opportunity to engage directly on your page and also the benefit of continuing to grow your list of prospective customers, then directly market your products and services.

Got a question about this new change to Facebook?  Drop on over to our Facebook Page and post a question on our wall at ==>www.facebook.com/fanpagecompetitions

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Tips for Running OnPage Contests:

When running an OnPage Contest there are Rules that you need to follow, such as following Facebook’s Promotional Guidelines  and compliance with your local Gaming Guidelines.  Lucky for us there is only 4 Guidelines that Facebook ask you to follow.  These are there to help not only the business owner but also the people who enter into your Contest.

A huge disadvantage of running OnPage Contests is that you cannot collect names and emails AND … the management of such a contest.  At Fanpage Competitions we have  tool that will help you run your OnPage Contest (which comes free with our Ninja App) or you can use this freebie over at “ContestCapture“.  These tools will help you pick a winner so that there is no disputes over randomly picking winners.

A great article for you to read is “How to Run a Facebook Timeline Promotion: 6 Tips for Success” over at Social Media Examiner’s website to learn more about OnPage Contests (also known as Timeline Contests).