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Facebook Contests: Promotional Guidelines & Rules for your Facebook Contest – Day 2

Who would have thought a bit of planning can make all the difference to your Facebook Contest being a success … or a flop! 

Before getting started, drop on over to Facebook and read their Promotional Guidelines.  Lucky for us there is only 4 of them so it won’t take forever to read or understand them.  In August 2013 they simplified them.

I know some may seem a little “hard to digest” but if you follow along and stick with what they ask … you’ll never run the risk of having your Contest shut dfown.  Now for those people who say “they don’t do that” … THEY DO!  Listed below this video is an article I wrote about pages that had their contests removed.



Facebook Promotional Guidelineshttps://www.facebook.com/page_guidelines.php#promotionsguidelines

Facebook Contests that were removedhttp://fanpagecompetitions.com/facebook-timeline-contests-putting-page-owners-in-fb-jail/

Facebook Sweepstakes Apphttp://fanpagecompetitions.com/sweepstakesapp/

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