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Does Facebook’s Promotional Guidelines apply to my Giveaway?

For many, Facebook’s Promotional Guidelines are some what confusing when it comes to competitions, contest, giveaways or whatever name you want to give your Promotions!

Promotions covered by Facebook’s Promotional Guidelines can be found here ===>  http://fanpagecompetitions.com/fbguidelines

Many believe, as the Guidelines don’t mention the word “Giveaway” that it doesn’t apply to them when they’re holding a Giveaway promotion.   The Guidelines reference ‘such as a contest or sweepstakes‘ so people take it literally and play the dumb card, saying it doesn’t reference”Giveaway” so it doesn’t apply to what I’m doing.

If you use Facebook to communicate about or administer a promotion (such as a contest or sweepstakes), you are responsible for the lawful operation of that promotion, including the official rules, offer terms and eligibility requirements …..

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, if you read down further in the Guidelines Item vii, you’ll see that it references;

a.    By “administration” we mean the operation of any element of the promotion, such as collecting entries, conducting a drawing, judging entries, or notifying winners.

Which simply means, if its a competition, a ballot, contest, giveaway, a sweepstakes, I have even seen them disguised as an auction… anything that involves asking people to enter, drawing a winner and notifying them of the outcome, then its covered by the Facebook’s Promotional Guidelines.

Example A

In the example below, this Page is running their “Giveaway” on their Page rather than following the Guidelines. 

Guideline Item i. states …

i.    Promotions on Facebook must be administered within Apps on Facebook.com, either on a Canvas Page or a Page App.

Which simply means that you need to use an App (aka contest app) to run your Contest.


So when does a Giveaway not fall under these Guidelines?

GOOD NEWS there is some exceptions to the Guidelines when it comes to a Giveaway!!

Example B

If you are doing a Giveaway where you’re giving the item ie. an ebook, a voucher, a report or something that every single person that comes to your Page can receive, then this type of Giveaway doesn’t fall under the Promotional Guidelines.

 Why?  Because you are rewarding everyone!  There is no drawing a winner or notifying people ….everyone is a winner!

Below are two examples of Pages running Giveaways (ie where they are rewarding everyone who visits their Page by giving them a gift).



















 Before you think of doing a Giveaway on your Page – decide whether its a “gift for everyone” in which case you don’t need to worry about the Guidelines or if its a gift for a select few, then you need to follow  Facebook’s Promotional Guidelines or run the risk of having your page shutdown. 

By following the Guidelines,  you’ll guarantee a return on your Social Media investment!



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