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Combine several Facebook Marketing Strategies

Lets face it . .  it’s hard when you first start posting to your Facebook Page.  You are not sure if what you are posting is good, bad or indifferent.  With new pages its like pulling teeth to get engagement – your Likers sit on the fence not saying a word.

What’s even worse, what if your page is boring.  To gain Likers attention and keep them on your Page, marketers need to create novel campaigns, or create their own unique twist on familiar techniques.

When promoting your Contest think outside the box and incorporate many different strategies.

Here are 7 Facebook Marketing Strategies that you can implement today for your Contest.

  1.     Fans:  Ask fans to invite their friends to your Contest
  2.     Events:  Host an event to launch your Contest
  3.     Share:  Encourage fans to share for extra bonus points in your Contest
  4.     Collaboration:   Tag other Pages to promote for you
  5.     QR Codes:  Use QR code to promote your Contest
  6.     Ads:  Create an ad promotion to drive Likers to your Contest
  7.     Host an online party just before your Contest finishes.

Posting regularly,  keeping your contest on the minds of your fans and making it fun, will result in a successful viral Contest.

Needing some more Facebook Marketing Strategies .. check out this infographic from Allfacebook.com