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Changing the Order of your Facebook Apps

I love the big huge apps images that are now prominently displayed below your Time Line Cover Image.

Did you know these can be moved around?   Move the most important ones to the top row.  The first image is “Photos”, this cannot be moved but you are free to move any other App (sometimes called Tabs) around to suit your Page.

facebook tip
Always put your Contest App – as close as possible to Photo’s so that it can be seen by people who visit your Facebook Page.


Here is how you move your Apps on your Facebook Page:

Step 1:  Click on the Drop Down Image – which tells you how many more Apps are hidden in the row below.

Step 2:  Hover over the App you wish to move and you will see a little Pen. Click this.

Step 3:  From the area that says “Swap Position With” click on the App you wish to replace with the App you want to display in this position.

You can have up to 16 Apps displayed – but remember one of them is reserved for Photos.


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