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Changing the Order of your Facebook Apps

I love the big huge apps images that are now prominently displayed below your Time Line Cover Image. Did you know these can be moved around?   Move the most important ones to the top row.  The first image is “Photos”, this cannot be moved but yo...

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How to Create a Viral Sweepstakes With Social Media

It’s all well and good to set up your Sweepstakes or Competition on your Facebook Page however if you don’t tell people about it … it will soon fade into the sunset. One way of spreading the word is by creating a Viral Sweepstakes. So how do ...

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Learn How to Create a Compliant Facebook Contest

I see so many Competitions being run in Facebook on a Facebook Page’s wall.  I am not sure if people do this as they don’t know about Facebook’s Promotional Guidelines – or they just don’t care their page could be shut down. Sinc...

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If they like a Post to Enter is that Ok ?

I can see why people run the risk of having their Facebook Page shut down by allowing people to click “like” on a post.  Setting up an app to give away a prize, that is drawn in 24 hours, seems a lot of hard work. But is it?  It only takes a few ...

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