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Facebook Contests: Where Prize Counts – Day 4 How to Run a Successful Facebook Contest

I cannot count the times I hear so called “social media experts” telling clients to give away an Ipad … but the fact is … they only attract people who want to win an Ipad.  An Ipad is perfect if you are in the business of selling t...

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Facebook Marketing Bootcamp Takeaway

Let’s set the scene for the first ever Facebook Marketing Bootcamp in Brisbane (Australia).  250 tickets sold out quickly and people who left it to the last minute, missed out. I purchased my ticket early as I was keen to get some inside information! After ...

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What are your Privacy Settings?

I had the privilege this year to speak at some 13 local events on Social Media for Business.  One of the biggest concerns for people when using social media was their Privacy Settings. Many had absolutely no clue how to set them up correctly. Like everything ...

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