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Highlighting Fans Posts

I got excited when I saw this handy new feature that Facebook rolled out recently.  My mind started to race for all the possibilities I could use it for Contests. You now have the the ability to Highlight a “Likers” Post.  We have always been abl...

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The Power of Like

What do you mean LIKE?  Why do I need to LIKE a Post?  Don’t I just go and read the posts and if I get motivated add an odd comment here and there! The answer is NO !!  You need to LIKE a post and in this video by my friend Eden, from Social Garden, ...

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Combine several Facebook Marketing Strategies

Lets face it . .  it’s hard when you first start posting to your Facebook Page.  You are not sure if what you are posting is good, bad or indifferent.  With new pages its like pulling teeth to get engagement – your Likers sit on the fence not sa...

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