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Facebook Contests: Promotional Guidelines & Rules for your Facebook Contest – Day 2

Who would have thought a bit of planning can make all the difference to your Facebook Contest being a success … or a flop!  Before getting started, drop on over to Facebook and read their Promotional Guidelines.  Lucky for us there is only 4 of...

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Why running a Facebook Contest on your Wall is bad for your Health!

We’ve all seen it, hundreds of people get excited over a contest that is run on a wall. Check out this one – 247 people shared this Contest and lots more commented. Fans click Like and are happy to post a theme word,  the majority do whatever you ...

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Contests on Facebook – How Not to Get Put In Facebook Jail!

You’re excited – you want to run a Contest on Facebook, but where do you start. Rule 101 – drop on over and read Facebook’s Promotional Guidelines.  Yes I know they are riveting and make for a self induced sleeping coma.  But they are...

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