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Can I Give a Prize to Everyone?

Can I give away a prize to anyone who likes my page?

Yes absolutely!   Depending upon the app you use, you can restrict your promotion only to people who have first liked your page.

What I would suggest, is that if you want to give away a gift or prize or even a coupon – to a person who likes your page, set up what is known as a fangate on your page – this can be done with an app such as Woobox. [Do a search in Facebook for Woobox and add the app to your Page – follow the on screen instructions .. its very simple].

When the entrants land on your page, the entrant must like the page – before they see anything else.  After liking your page they will then be shown another image where they can add in their name and email into what is known as a “Contact Form”.

In the example below, after liking the page you are presented with a coupon to use on their service.  Take a look at 1-800-Flowers to see this in action.

By having people sign up for your gift or prize – you get to create a list and best part … you can keep contacting  these people over and over again with your promotions.