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Are you Using Facebook Schedule Feature on your Iphone?

I am a huge advocate of the Scheduler Feature for Facebook.

Today I want to share with you, why this cool tool makes my life so much easier!  If you’re like me, sometimes you get distracted by the shiny object syndrome – It’s what happens when you’re easily side tracked, distracted or pulled away from what you were meant to be doing.

Before you know what happened, you have forgotten to post and your engagement suffers!

To stay focused, I aside time each week and create my weekly posts, or even break it down to daily posts if I’m having trouble creating content in one session.  My goal is 3 – 4 posts a day (sometimes I just cannot be that creative in one session)!

These posts include links from my website or blog, posts from other people’s pages relevant to my niche, photos, videos, questions, tips and good news. 


Really easy posts are – Yes or No questions …. Fill in the Blanks.  These are super easy to come up with and your Likers will get involved!

Create posts that are “Engaging, Educating or Entertaining”.  You want your audience to keep coming back to like, comment or share your content to grow your Page.

After you’ve created all this fantastic content, use the “Scheduler  Feature” to post it to your Page.   Once added to Facebook, manage it via the Activity Log found in the Admin Panel.


 If you are not sure on how to use the Scheduler Feature – drop on over to this article on “How to Use Facebook Scheduler” and follow the tutorial.

So now comes the exciting part!

You don’t have to sit at your computer all day long and manage your Page, let the Schedule Feature and Pages Manager App be your best friends.  It’ll post to your Page at the time and day you selected and use your Pages Manager App to respond to people when they engage on your Page!

Now that’s what I call working smarter not harder !!!

Whilst out and about, if something comes to you that you know will be good content for your Page, use the Scheduler Feature via the Pages Manager App.   Create a status update and schedule it !

 If you haven’t already got the Pages Manager App – get it now by visiting the iTune store (ps this the Australia store).

 For those that haven’t yet used the Scheduler Feature with your handy dandy app here’s how …

Tip 1 – How to use the Pages Manager on your Iphone to post a Schedule Post.


A.  To create a post on your Phone simply click on the App – choose Status.


B.  Write your Post.


C.  Next click on the Clock bottom left corner and choose your time and date.


 D.  Hit the Schedule button and POST.


  •  You’re good to go!



Tip 2 – How to use the Pages Manager on your Iphone to manage your Scheduled Posts.


1.  Go to the Pages App


2.  Click on Filter


3.  Choose “Scheduled Posts” and it will display a list of all your schedule posts.





  •  Unfortunately you can only delete a scheduled post from the app.  I hope in the future it gives you the option to change a date or time. 

 The Pages Manager App does a lot more than just Scheduling Posts.  I encourage you to download it today and use it as part of your daily Page Management, it’ll give you a lot more freedom when it comes to managing your Page on the go.

Have a brilliant day and don’t forget to
‘Engage, Educate and Entertain’ !!!

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