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7 Ways to Promote your Facebook Contest

Big mistake – put up your Contest and forget it.

You need to keep reminding your Fans that you have a Contest and why they should enter it and the benefit to them.

 Here are 7 Ways to Promote Your Contest.

  1. Prior to launching your Contest – set up a Question poll on your Page asking your fans to vote on the Prize;
  2. Build up the excitement on your Page – telling your Fans your Contest is coming and asking them what day they think would be best for a launch.
  3. After launching your Contest – create an eye catching image and Tag businesses you have relationships with.
  4. Over the course of your Contest go to other Pages that you regularly comment on – Do a post and add a PS.. Drop on over and check out our Contest.
  5. Create a video about your Contest and share it on other Social Networking sites encouraging feedback.
  6. Hold an online Page Party to launch your Contest
  7. Ask daily question .. to keep them interested in what is happening

For Example:

Love shopping?  We have a $200 Gift Card to give away. For your chance to WIN – simply enter your details in the Great Gift Giveaway tab.

If I won a $200 Gift Card I would buy: _____________________

Pamper your loved on this Valentines Day. For your chance to WIN this package enter your details on our competition tab.
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