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7 Ways to Grow Your Page and Get More Facebook Likes!

Here’s 7 simple steps to get into the habit of doing on a regular basis to grow your Page and get more Facebook likes!

1.  Page Design and Setup

Your Page must be relevant and interesting to the person visiting it. Make a habit of changing your time line cover on a regular basis.  There are no restrictions anymore, with what you can add to your cover, so have some fun with it! 

The profile picture should be an image of you or your business logo, something that person can relate too when viewing your Page in their newsfeed.   Brand the tabs on your Page, using colors and text that pop.

If a person likes what they see – they’ll LIKE your Page to stay connected.


Use the About section on your Page to your advantage, add as much information as you can ie, where your  located, how a person can buy from you.  Where can they buy from you (ie we are at the Sunshine Coast Markets every weekend).  And don’t forget the golden rule – to make it easy to buy from you 🙂

A new Liker wants to know you are a real person and that your business really does exist!

2. Post Great Content

Everyone struggles with coming up with great content from time to time!  The number 1 tip I share with my students is to create a social media calendar.  Know what you are posting every day and be consistent. 

Mix up your content, so people keep coming back for more.  Have fun with your Page and show your true personality.  Post at different times through the day to capture all time zones.

There are plenty of sites on the internet that create funny quotes, sayings, images etc that you can use to share on your Page, take advantage of these!


3.  Become a Serial Commenter

Make a point of commenting on at least 5 pages morning and night.  Don’t spam them, be genuine in what you say and do.  Give helpful information, this will get you seen on other Pages and people will quickly recognize you as a leader in your industry.

4.  Share Daily

Share at least one other pages images, post or information on a daily basis.  This will help expose their Page and in turn… they might just return the favor, helping expose your Page to their Likers.

Another reason I love sharing is that it means that at least once a day I don’t have to come up with Content,  I am providing great content to my Page by sharing the work of others.  

Below is an example of a post from Zenworkz Authentic Marketing.  Teresa always creates fantastic images and shares wonderful marketing tips, her posts work well with my target audience.


 5.  Write Articles for Other Pages

We all have lots of fantastic information to share.  Why not use this information and start writing articles to share with others? Ask other Business Owners can you submit an article for their website or their Facebook Page.  The article can be something as easy as:

  • 7 Tips on How to Remove Stains
  • 5 How to do to Save Time and Money
  • Step by Step Tutorial on How to Remove Stains.

Generally the article will need to be about 400 words.  If you write about something you know very well, this should be an easy task to do on a weekly basis.


Also look on Sourcebottle.com.au – they are always looking for people to write articles.  Many of their clients are large media outlets and your work could just be seen by thousands of people, driving an avalanche of people back to your Facebook Page.

6. Facebook Ads


Set aside a budget to invest in your business.  Whether you are a work at home parent or a small business owner you should have an advertising budget for your business to help it grow.

You can get great results with Facebook ads for as little as $15 a week.  

Or try a Boost Post – this will put your current post in the newsfeed of everyone who has liked your Page.  I love this strategy as a way of engaging the people who have gone MIA (Missing in Action) and haven’t visited my page for awhile.

Boost Posts are Facebook’s answer to those who want to advertise and do it the simplest way possible!


7.  Facebook Contest

A Facebook Conteninjacontestentryst can be one of the easiest ways to grow your Page and the best part, at the end of the Contest you now have a list of people who are interested in your products and services.

Follow Facebook’s Promotional Guidelines and use a compliant Contest app.  Fanpage Competitions have a very simple to use Sweepstakes App that costs less than a cuppa coffee a month to use (ps if you don’t follow the Guidelines you could run the risk of having your Page shutdown).

Daily share about your Contest and consider running a Boost Post to get the contest seen in the newsfeed of your Likers.

By following these simple tasks on a daily basis, you’ll quickly grow your Page and have a thriving community!


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