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7 Free Tools to use on your Facebook Business Page

The biggest concern my clients have is keeping their Facebook Pages fresh and relevant for their audience!  Today I wanted to share 7 of my favorite tools that you can start using today.

Let’s start with a tool to analyze your Facebook Business Page, this will give you some ideas on what you need to create.

1.  Analyze your Page!

LikeAlyzer.com – Looking at my results, Fanpage Competitions is doing well, but there is some improvement needed.  

  • Publish more Photos,
  • Add more milestones,
  • Adding hashtags and
  • Use more calls to Action!


My rule of thumb is to add a mixture of text posts, images, videos, links to other pages and websites. At the time of wring this post, my page is currently getting more engagement with straight text posts.

As a little tip:  After creating a text post, I then add the link to the website or FB Page in the thread below so that I can still share great information and get my posts seen in the newsfeed and not be penalized by Facebook.

2.  Simple to create Images

There are so many great tools out there for this job! One of my favorite is www.picmonkey.com.  This free tool also has an upgrade called ‘Royale membership’ which gets you ads-free editing and a loads of additional effects, fonts, overlays, and textures.

Take a look at this image I took at the Brisbane Ekka launch recently and with a few tweaks, the results are fantastic.  Here is what I did:  I cropped it, added a color enhancement, a star, a border, a banner and some text.  Took me a total of 1 minute. 

Great result wouldn’t you say!


3.  Timeline Cover Creator

I recently created a new page for a client and wanted something that easily allowed me to create a collage of images.  A quick search of Google and I found this fun and easy to use tool.  http://pizap.com/ .  What I liked about this online tool is the versatility of it, you can also use it on mobile and iPad, so its got a lot of options if you are using smart devices. 

Gourmet Food Mooloolaba

Ps Picmonkey have recently added a collage feature that you may want to test out as well!

4.  Video

There are so many ways to create video for your Page, you just need to take a step into the unknown and DO IT!

Use your web cam, a camera that takes video or start using your smart phone.  I know its scary… what if I sound silly or look stupid! imovieapp

I have taken a shine to using my smart phone to record videos. I purchased a small tripod to keep it still and a clip on microphone, to get better sound.  Click the button, take some footage and then use an app called iMovie to edit the video.  Remember its not about producing “tv quality” footage, its about creating content for your Page. 

Have some fun with it, showcase your product or service and share it on your Page.

Ps this app will allow you to edit the footage, add credits, music etc.  It’s very simple and when you’re finished all you need to do is upload it to  either youtube or directly to your Facebook Page.  

5.  Screen Data Capture

Create “How to Videos”… people love these types of videos.  Once again there are many tools out there to do this, a totally free tool you can use is http://www.ezvid.com/. This tool will allow you to do a screen recording, create a slide show plus it also includes a video editor.

Once again, you just need to try it, you won’t be perfect the first time around, but you are taking action and creating content!

6.  Where to find good content for your Page!

There is several ways to do this, you can search your newsfeed in Facebook and then share content from others (which I like to do several times a week) or you can create an interest list in Facebook.  (If you don’t know how to do this, simply go to the Help button in Facebook and type it in search.  This will give you detailed instructions).  By using the Interest List you can then quickly see what others are posting and share it.

OR you can setup and use Feedly.com.  The cool little tool (which is available also for smart devices) allows you to collate all your favorite sites in one location. Scan them quickly and either curate the content or share these posts on your Page.  It’s a great way to get inspiration and stay on top of your game.  To learn more about using Feedly.com read this post from Jo Barnes.

7.  Schedule Feature

Oh how I love this Feature on Facebook.  Not sure why, but many people just don’t know it exists.   Frankly most mornings when I wake up at 6.30 I am not very creative, trying to think of something to post on my Page is like finding a needle in a haystack.  When Facebook announced this feature I was over the moon!  Now there are lots of tools like Hootsuite and Post Planner both of which are also free that you can use to schedule posts but I like to stick with Facebook’s features.  It’s all in one location.

scheduleraugustThis is how I use it:  Saturday morning I schedule aside say an hour and I write out texts, create my images, scan feedly and come up with content to post on my Page.  I put all this content into an excel spreadsheet, so I can see what I have posted in the past and curate it if necessary.  I then go into Facebook do a post and instead of posting it on my Page, I click on the little timer down the bottom left hand corner of my Page and schedule it.

That’s how simple it is……  I post a week’s worth of content.  If you want to change it, you can simply by going to the Activity Log.  Even better, you can access all of this on your mobile so you can change anything you want any time of the day.

To learn more about the Schedule Feature check out this article I recently did on using it for your Business.

You have no excuses now – its time to take action and start creating content.  If you have any tools you would like to share, please let me know by dropping on over to my wall in Facebook or post in the comments below.

PS…. I guess you’ve noticed that I love my iphone, it allows me to run my business on the go! 




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