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5 Top Tips for Using the new Time Line Features to Promote your Facebook Contest

When Facebook announced the new Time Line for Pages, there was doom and gloom everywhere.  I heard so many “theories” about how it would affect your Pages, statements like “Contests will Suffer” and so many more.  Well the Time Line is out and except for a few minor complaints – I am loving it.

Here are my 5 Top Tips for using the new Time Line Features to Promote your Facebook ContestHow to Move Tab in Facebook

1.  Be creative with your Contest Tab image – make it eye catching.

2.  Ensure you move the Contest Tab so that it is sitting in the Prime Position (up the top line near Photos).  Click on the Pen to choose “Swap position with“.

3. When launching your Contest – create an eye catching image and use the “Highlight” feature so that it takes up the full width of your screen.  Make a big deal out of it so people know … that you are launching a contest and how to enter.

4.  Write a Post and Pin it!  This will ensure the Post stays at the top of your Page for the next 7 days.

5. Edit your Time Line Cover and include a tag line that “Suggests you are having a contest” … BUT PLEASE make sure you stay within the Facebook Guidelines.  For example you cannot add….

• Price or purchase information (such as 40% off or Download it on our site.)
• Contact info such as web address, email, mailing address or info or the About section.
• References to user interface elements, such as Like and Share or an arrow pointing from the cover photo to any of these features.
• Calls to action, such as “Get it Now” or “Tell Your Friends”

Here is an example of a Page that has made great use of the Tab App Image and changed their Logo to get maximum exposure for their contest.

Time Line Images for Contests
Don’t forget to drop past our Wall and share with us your Contest and what you are doing to maximize the new Time Line for Pages features for your Contests.