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5 Steps to Running a Competition on Facebook

Running a competition on Facebook to increase your fanbase is an easy way to drive new customers to your business.

If you’re interested in running a Facebook competition then here is a useful guide for you, which will show the steps required in run a Facebook competition. Moreover, it will make sure that you run your competition on Facebook without being banned from Facebook by not following their Rules. Let’s get started:

1.  Establish your Objectives

The first step to running Facebook competition is to establish your objectives, why you want to run a competition. Just holding a competition because everyone else is doing a Facebook competitions isn’t a good idea. Be clear on how the competition will help you in achieving your overall goals. Once you have defined your objectives then it will be easy for you to design your competition strategy. Keep in mind that the fanbase will only increase if you target right people at the right time.

2.  Scope out your Competition

The next step is to focus on how the entrants will enter the competition and what will be the prize. Keep the whole process simple and easy to understand for everyone. Do not forget to mention the terms and conditions in detail and ensure you include the privacy policy. Be sure to follow the local rules of your country.  In Australia each State has a different set of rules when it comes to promotions and this can be very confusing.

3.  Create a Promotional Plan

How you’ll get entries is now the real concern. Will you only promote to your current fans or will you run a Facebook ad campaign to attract more entrants! The plan will be dependent on your budget and the goal of your competition.

4.  Setting Up your Competitions

To ensure that you meet Facebook’s Promotional Guidelines we highly recommend that you purchase a Contest App, there are many of them available on the marketplace starting from as little as $15 per month.

5.  Running your Competition

Once your competition is launched make sure you pin it to the top of your wall, so that everyone who comes to your Page will see it.  Keep posting regularly about your competition to drive people to enter, but don’t overdo the posting.

Find Pages that allow you to share about your competition.  There are many websites that will also let you post about your competition.  Simply do a search on Google.com for such sites.

Always remember to follow Facebook’s Promotional Guidelines, so you don’t run the risk of having your Page shut down.


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