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3 Steps to Setting Up a Facebook Contest

Facebook Contests are a easy and fun way to generate a lot of exposure for your page, if done correctly!   If done incorrectly, you could wind up having a social media nightmare on your Page or even worse, getting it shut down.

There is really only 3 steps to setting up and launching your first Contest.

(1) Learn and comply with Facebook’s Rules for running Contests;

(2) Decide on the Type of Contest that suits your Page & audience; and

(3) Choose the app relevant to your Contest type and launch it!

Before setting up your Contest – drop on over to Facebook and read over the Promotional Guidelines, you need to follow these Rules to ensure that your Page doesn’t get shutdown by Facebook.  There’s only 7 of them, so this should take about 5 minutes to read.  Understanding them, might take a little longer as some of the rules are a little confusing !

In my opinion, the most important one is

i.    Promotions on Facebook must be administered within Apps on Facebook.com, either on a Canvas Page or a Page App.

In simple terms – you need to use a Contest app to run your contest.  Now the great thing about using a contest app, is that the app does all the hard work for you.

Next you need to decide on the type of contest that will work for your Page.

1.  Sweepstakes

2.  Ask a Question

3. Quiz

4.  Photo Contest

5.  Video Contest


I personally love sweepstakes as they are super easy to setup, AND really easy for your Likers to enter. Whilst they don’t get huge amounts of engagement, they do attract a lot of people to enter as entry is “easy”.  Simply add your name and email and you are entered.


Benefits of a Sweesptakes – allows you to quickly grow your social proof and build a list of prospective customers.

Asking a question requires a little more work, however they too are a relatively easy entry point.

Running a video or photo contest requires a person to do something to enter (ie in the example below, take a photo of yourself enjoying the Sunshine Coast) and then the entrants is required to promote your contest in order to win “The Photo with the most votes each month Wins”!!

As an entrant is required to do “work” in order to participate, entry is a lot lower however on the upside people who enter generally are a very targeted audience.



Benefits of a video/photo contest – grow your social proof, gain a lot of exposure / engagement in Facebook.

Once you have decided on the type of Contest then go ahead and choose the app that is relevant for your contest.  Then simply add the app to your Page and follow the instructions for adding the information to the app and launch it.


If you have any questions about Facebook Contests, drop on over to our Facebook Page and post your question on our wall.